2 days – Llachon Community

This trip will give you the chance to experience the magnificent Lake Titicaca. For many people this home-stay experience and the encounter with the host family is a revelation of the reality of Andean people at such altitude. This cultural exchange experience in Llachon Community is very touching and fascinating. Also, in this tour, every traveler is welcome to share with the locals their time, some artistic gift, educational activities or just conversations. By participating in this tour you will contribute to improve family of the life.

Reservations are easy enough to do. We accept bookings via e-mails, and payment would be when you arrive to Puno in our office. No deposit is required. Basically, you send us a mail here confirming which tour you'd like to take, pay the money when you get here. Please do not hesitate to contact us here.

Location: Duration Departure
Puno - Peru 2 Days All year
Day Activity
day 1 Uros + Luquina
day 2 Luquina / Taquile / Puno
day 3  


Experience the traditional Andean culture at the Aymaran community of Luquina on the peninsula of Chucuito at lake Titicaca to 25 kilometers from Puno by boat, It is for sure one of the best of the beaten track destinations were responsible, sustainable and fair tourism had come true. Since our mutual cooperation began it had produced remarkable positive impacts, in the life quality of the locals, enjoy of great landscapes and in addition hike by a spectacular path way on the less visited areas of Taquile island. Definitively a great combination.

Tour Itinerary

DAY 1: Uros + Luquina:

Vive the best experience Titicaca Lake, authentic culture & traditions. This excursion begins at 8:00 am with transfer from your hotel to the port. Then by Semi – Fast motor boat, that will make of this a enjoyable journey (35 feet long with a covered section in case of rain or cold weather, comfortable bus type seats and fully equipped, WC) we visit the Uros floating Islands. The families present: Different main activities of the Island. Stepping on them feels very much like a water bed (but it is quite safe). We see the houses, the islands and meet its friendly inhabitants .Uros people are descendents of one of the oldest South American groups. Rides on traditional reed boats can be arranged. We visit two of the 50 islands.

Enjoy a relaxed navigation of 1 hour & 50 minutes, while we get lectures about the origins of the inca culture, Quechua language lessons & more. At arrival we have the chance to enjoy the spectacular views offered by Lake Titicaca, get to this unique place. Then we have free to explore this paradise and enjoy encounters with local families, interpretation of the traditional clothing and the way of life of people from Luquina.

After lunch they will take you in a deep cultural encounter with the daily life issues. Depending on the season they might be farming, herding or building a house. If you have the commitment, go ahead and be part of it. (This part of the trip is carefully arranged, and prepared by you experience guide, to make of it an authentic experience). In the afternoon take a walk visiting the agriculture, then a hike to the high point of the island to watch the sunset. then return to the family home for dinner and overnight at a family home.


DAY 2: Luquina / Taquile / Puno.

Breakfast with family, later at 7:30am. The group leaves Luquina Island to Taquile Island. After an hour's navigation we get to this unique place. There, a long path gradually ascending will take us to the village (45 min. hike approx) we have at least 4 hours to explore this paradise, there enjoy of a pristine sandy beach. And hike for 1 hour by a pre-inca path way (soft and gradual hike) with impressive landscapes, while we learn about the flora and fauna of the island. Lunch at local restaurant. The members of the community will show us their dances, textiles and unique cultural expressions. Taquile Island is the home for an authentic community that conserves Incan laws and social system. But due to an inadequate tourism management is being affected and this trip helps to encourage the community life. Later at 12.20 am approximately. we hike to the main port, the views are magnificent. Then we descend 500 steps down to the port. At 1 pm approx. return to Puno (a 2 1/2 hours return trip). On arrival at Puno we transfer you to your hotel, approximately at 03:00pm. (End of the adventure).

Note 1: This program can be combined with Adventure Tour: Sea Kayaking: Puno / Uros for the National Reserva of the Titicaca ………………………. See More

Note 2: No previous experience required. Departure: Every Day. Minimum: 2 passengers.

Note 3: The tour arrives back In Puno at 3:00pm. Then there is the chance to take other excursions like the one departing to Sillustani or Chucuito and see impressive pre Incan buildings amongst superb landscapes, for the night can you continue by Bus to Cusco or Arequipa.


Includes and Prices


  • Bilingual guide (Spanish-English).
  • Transfers: Hotel /Port / Hotel.
  • Motor boat transport
  • Home stay accommodation + 3 meals at home stay
  • Cultural activities at the family house
  • Entrance fees.


  • Lunch last day in Taquile Island
  • Small trip in reed boat ride in the Floating Uros Island
  • Drinks extra
  • Tips
  • Additional charge of $ 4.00 US p/p. for transfers OUT SIDE City hotels, like : Hotel Libertador, Casa Andina Private Collection, Posada del Inca, Josι Antonio, Eco INN and others.


  • Daily Service:
  • $ 159.00 - 2 person
  • $ 129.00 - 3 person
  • $ 99.00 - 4 person
  • $ 89.00 - 5/6 person
  • $ 82.00 - 7/10 person UP

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